Strategies and crisis management

The environment in which companies and institutions develop their operations is influenced by different factors, some foreseeable and others that could be generated by situations outside the internal control, difficult to avoid but in which their impacts can be prevented and mitigated. Likewise, the activity of the company can not be abstracted from its relationship with urban or rural communities and the State, so they must achieve the best possible relationship in order to gain greater competitiveness in the development of their activities.

In this context we support our clients to generate strategies and action plans to transform crises into opportunities and mitigate areas of conflict. Our services are designed according to the needs and requirements of each client, but generally include:

  • Relations with governments
  • Management of socio-environmental conflicts (prevention, negotiation and transaction)
  • Negotiation and mediation
  • Arbitration Participation
  • Management of institutional crises
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