Legal-environmental management and compliance

We support natural resource management and the implementation and enforcement of regulations governing economic activity both in both production and services. The focus of environmental compliance in the development of production processes ensures lasting ecosystems for future generations and our customers avoid costs through fines, penalties and stoppage of operations.

To this end, we support the implementation, enforcement and implementation of policies, strategies, and national and international environmental laws, as well as the development of internal capacities for effective control and monitoring, improving local governments’ environmental management and execution of promotion strategies for citizen participation in consultation processes and obtaining information and consent.

In this area we provide services through our dedicated specialized law firm Albán Bedón Macías & Asoc., which include:

  • Legal/Environmental Advice
  • Environmental Compliance Audits and due diligence
  • Environmental Licenses and Impact Evaluation (EIA)
  • Evaluation of compliance and guidance in industrial safety and occupational health
  • Creating public and private environmental strategies
  • Inter-sectoral political dialogues and inter-institutional relations management to seek consensus for sustainable development
  • Environmental litigation in Administrative, Judicial and Constitutional courts


We also support processes by accompanying clients in use of a monitoring system for compliance with environmental, occupational health and safety regulations, through a technological application called GreenLex®.

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