Global markets

Beyond the exchange of goods and services between countries, blocks or regions, international markets affect the sustainable development of nations. They also allow a country to specialize in the production of goods and services more efficiently and at lower costs.

Countries need to focus their production of goods and services based on strategies that cause less environmental impact, increase social and environmental competitiveness and provide greater equity and welfare to society.

We work in:

  • Studies on trade policy and its implications on investment and environmental and social sustainability
  • Supporting negotiation processes on trade and investment
  • Creation of dialogues and consultations with the private sector, civil society and academia



  • Intellectual property and biodiversity
  • Technical barriers to trade and environmental competitiveness
  • Sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures and environmental competitiveness
  • International certifications and standards
  • International trade and environmental agenda
  • International trade and human rights agenda
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • International trade and climate change
  • Services and Investments



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